We are a group of community organizations who have come together to collaboratively develop a regional network to support communities Organizing Against Racism and Hate under Embrace BC. Four organizations representing the North, Central, and South Okanagan region, as well as the Thompson signed a Memorandum of Understanding indicating their commitment to the network development. From there a meeting was called and several stakeholder organizations came together to develop an Action Plan. The first phase of the Action Plan was designed to develop the Terms of Reference for the Network, which included a new name: The Respect Network. The Action Plan also included the design of this website intended to create a place to connect community agencies organizing against racism and hate, develop and share resources, and generate more awareness in the general public.


The Thompson-Okanagan is a region where all community members are welcomed, valued, and respected.


We are a network of community organizations working together to promote more inclusive communities by redressing racism and hate through education and awareness.


  1. To share, develop, and create awareness of anti-racism, and anti-hate resources in the region via the development of a website and through jointly planned activities
  2. To outreach to other communities in the region to get involved in the Network
  3. To build partnerships and collaborate on regional anti-racism/hate initiatives